Offer Amazing Experiences

by connecting your visitors with curated activities and tours

Empower your brand 

Your guests’ satisfaction is not merely the result of their room. Their entire experience while with you affects how they feel about your brand.  Improve satisfaction by making it easy for them to book any nearby activity or attraction they seek during their stay.

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Offer an amazing stay. Enhance your Business

82% of travelers wait to book activities until they are at their destination, HotelStand provides on-premise kiosks and easy-to-use tools for concierges with aim assist travelers in booking tours and activities once they have arrived at your location.

HotelStand has developed a powerful platform that lets your guests discover and order in real time any of your services as well as local activities.

Give your guests direct access to local activities and services from your application : transportation, entertainment, wellness, restaurants, tours…Enable direct booking and payment in one click!

Automating activity bookings and payments to third-party providers will save you time, labor and expense in customer service and financial reconciliation.  Let HotelStand connect your customers to bookable activities while saving you money.

For Activity Providers

Market your brand to Hotels

HotelStand enables you to promote your venues, activities and attractions to local  hotels.
Reach more travelers by giving travelers the ability to find and book your experiences where they are. 
Advance your business by attracting high end clientele.

Improved Reservation Management

Are you currently managing your bookings on pen or paper? HotelStand system can provide you a daily reservation management system with the ability to take direct bookings



  • Attract customers from local hotels to your business. 

  • Promote your business right at the hotel lobby and get recommendations from the hotels concierge.

  • Make your business known to high end customers and enhance your clientele


  • Promote your services right at the Hotel reception.

  • Book Appointments both in the hotel Premises and at your own parlor.

  • Attract high end customers and enhance the quality of service you provide.


  • Make yourself known to local hotel visitors.

  • Introduce high end clientele to the local night nightlife and make them love their visit at your establishment.





For Hotels

  • HotelStand tablets are placed at the hotel reception or other spots at hotel premises

  • Venues recommended by hotel get listed on HotelStand Platform

  • Access to monthly reports for activities booked from Hotel Guests

  • No Subscription is required


For Hotel Guests

  • Explore options for local activities

  • Review curated profiles of venues 

  • Check other guest reviews services and pricetalogs

  • Book a service at a time of convinience

  • Enjoy a curated experience with quality guaranteed by Hotel

  • Review the experience at HotelStand Platform


For Venues

  • Advertise services on local hotels

  • Receive bookings directly from hotel customers



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