Hotelstand delivers your guests the city gems 

Your guests’ satisfaction is not merely the result of their room. Their entire experience while with you affects how they feel about your brand.  Improve satisfaction by making it easy for them to book curated nearby activities or attraction they seek during their stay









EARN 5 STAR REVIEWS and increase your profits by earning more commissions

Your community is amazing and is evolving.

but you keep recommending to your guests the same old experiences

We locate the best curated experiences your destination has to offer and we close deals on behalf of you while safeguarding the maximum possible commissions

We do not intervene to your existing deals. We help you earn more money and provide better hospitality to your guests

EASy Integration TO your Hotel

We provide your front desk with our real time booking engine so they can book experiences on behalf of your guests

We provide you with qr codes so that your guests can access your tailor made hotelstand platform from their smartphones and perform bookings even when out of the hotel

We place beautiful and intuitive info kiosk for your lobby so that your guests can directly explore the destination

We link our platform to your site so your guests can explore and book activities even before they check in

Name, Title

ACCESS Advanced Metrics


Discover what they really search for and deliver the best possible experience

Name, Title

Name, Title

eNVIROMENTaly Friendly

Fully digital environmentally friendly approach without leaflets and paper waste

Get rid of the leaflets which litter your lobby

Make your hotel go paperless

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